Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feature in San Francisco Bay Guardian

Electric truth
FALL ARTS PREVIEW: 10 strong currents within Bay Area fall visual arts


1. New wave of California painting My thoughts on the topic are still percolating, but it will soon be time to take on the inspiring subject of new California painters. Amanda Kirkhuff's superb oil portrait of Lorena Bobbitt, currently up at [2nd Floor Projects], is one touchstone. Neil Ledoux's brown invocations at Silverman Gallery earlier this year is another. The next few months bring a blitz of lively, original paintings. Brendan Lott serves up ugly-beautiful America. (Oct.-17-Nov. 14, Baer Ridgway Exhibitions) Alika Cooper continues her film femme fatale fascination with some Farrah. (Sept. 3-Oct. 17, Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art) Kim Cogan pictures San Francisco. (September, Hespe Gallery) Nancy Chan sets friends floating in space and Matt Momchilov confronts weird normality head on. (Sept. 11-Oct. 17, Eleanor Harwood) But most of all, I'm looking forward to Conrad Ruiz's sure-to-be-orgasmic debut SF solo show. (Dec. 11-Jan. 23, 2010; Silverman Gallery)

Saturday, August 22, 2009