Thursday, March 19, 2009

i'm so broke.

i can't afford to develop film.
or buy polaroid film so i don't have to develop it.
or buy the matte black ink i need to print the pictures I want to.

so i am painting. mostly animals cause i don't know how to paint people very well. i actually don't know how to paint animals very well either but i don't think they will be offended.

this is a farting donkey or elephant, my husband had started a drawing and then i painted it - he says donkey, i say elephant. we agree on farting though.
i have a folder on my computer that is just pictures of dead whales. i need to get better at apinting them so i am going to practice that for a while. and mice, dead whales and colored mice.

this is a man beast with stinky breath talking to a lion.
i'm also recycling tape.

and i planted some vegetables for food.

being an artist is fun.


Alika Cooper said...

i love the whales!... i want one!!! plllllease.

lazy painter jake said...

one vote for elephant

one for donkey

and my vote is for elephonkey